Jim Alesci’s Place Catering Menu

Jim Alesci’s Place
Catering & To Go Menu

M – F : 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
SAT : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
SUN : 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM

We will make ourselves available outside of normal store hours to accommodate your catering needs. Breakfast and third shift service is available.


Carry Out for Small Groups



The Big Guido: Genoa salami, capicola, ham, provolone, lettuce & tomato (5.95)
The Sicilian: Mortadella, genoa salami, capicola, roasted red pepper (5.95)
Turkey and Swiss: roasted or smoked turkey, swiss, lettuce & tomato (5.95)
Roast Beef and Swiss: deli style with swiss, lettuce & tomato (5.95)
The Muffaletta: genoa salami, ham, hot capicola, provolone, olive tapenade, sliced tomato on baguette (6.95)
The Vito: mortadella, sopressata, olive tapenade, sliced tomato, romano cheese, cracked pepper on baguette (6.95)
Chicken Parmesan: one or two breasts, topped with mozzarella, provolone, grated parmesan and marinara  (5.95 | 9.75)
SPO: Italian sausage with roasted peppers and onions, topped with mozzarella, provolone, marinara (5.95)
Meatball: hand rolled meatballs topped with mozzarella, provolone and marinara (5.95)


Hot Food

Pizza by the slice: walk in and see what’s available! (2.00 | 3.35)
Pepperoni Bread: a house favorite, hand-rolled and filled with pepperoni and cheese (3.99)
Pasta with Meatballs: Grandma’s recipe, hand-rolled daily! (5.95)
Stromboli: stuffed with Italian meats and cheeses and baked to perfection (7.99/lb)
Daily Chicken Special with Side: couple your favorite daily chicken special with a side (6.95)
Italian Wedding Soup: Grandma’s recipe, hand-rolled daily! (12oz 2.79 | 20oz 4.99 | 32oz 6.99)
Lasagna: Grandma’s recipe, hand-rolled daily! (6.99/lb)
Sausage and Peppers: Grandma’s recipe, hand-rolled daily! (8.49/lb)
Hand Rolled Meatballs: Grandma’s recipe, hand-rolled daily! (7.99/lb)


Daily Specials 6.95

Monday | Cavatelli with Meatballs
Tuesday | Meat or Cheese Ravioli
Wednesday | Chicken Parmesan with Side
Thursday | Lasagna
Friday | Lunguine with Clams

Daily specials include your choice of garlic bread or a roll with butter.
Walk in or call for daily chef specials. Add a side salad for 2.95. 


Carry Out for Large Groups


Half | Full

White Pizza: herbed caramelized onion with grated romano cheese
(12.95 | 18.95)
Old Fashion: sweet onion tomato sauce with grated romano cheese
(12.95 | 18.95)
Tomato Basil: tomatoes, mozzarella, provolone, EVOO, balsamic reduction, fresh basil
(15.95 | 25.95)
Popeye: fresh spinach, sausage, rosemary, mushrooms, EVOO
(12.95 | 18.95)

sausage, pepperoni, tomato, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, sliced black olives, extra cheese, ham
(2.00 | 4.00)


Half | Full

Tossed Garden (15.95 | 27.95)
Caesar Salad (17.95 | 32.95)
Potato Salad (3.99/lb)
Cole Slaw (3.99/lb)
Macaroni Salad (3.99/lb)
Pasta Salad (4.99/lb)
Antipasto Salad (7.99/lb)


Deli Favorites

The Sub Tray: assorted on a tray. Choose from our famous sandaweeches!
The Big Guido, The Sicilian, Turkey and Swiss, Roast Beef and Swiss, The Muffaletta, The Vito
(5.95 EA | 6.95 EA)

Foot Long Sub: braided artisan bread baked to order 2-5 feet. Please allow 48 hours

Carousel Sub: baked circular artisan bread baked to order. Please allow 48 hours
(5.95 EA | 6.95 EA)

Antipasto Tray: charcuterie, dried sausages, pepperoni, Italian cheeses, marinated vegetables
(3.50 EA)

Cheese Tray: assorted cubed domestic and imported
(3.50 EA)

Veggie, Cheese, and Olive Tray: assorted cheeses with vegetables and olive salad
(3.00 EA)

Fresh Fruit Salad: freshly chopped medley

Fresh Vegetable Tray: fresh vegetables and vegetable dip



Eggplant Parmesan: thinly sliced eggplant battered and baked, layered with mozzarella, provolone, and marinara
(37.95 | 69.95)

Eggplant Rollette: thinly sliced and breaded eggplant planks stuffed with ricotta (PRICE CHECK)

Carrot Souffle: tender and delicious

Egg Frittata: Broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, squash, and/or tomato varieties


Boxed Lunches

Packaged per individual. Perfect for on the go at the office, park or bus. Great for passing out to large groups in tight quarters without kitchens.
Minimum of 5 people – no max. Includes: Napkins, Forks, Knives, and Condiments
Box and bag options available.


Choose a Main:

The Big Guido: salami, capicola, ham, provolone, lettuce & tomato
Turkey: roasted or smoked turkey with swiss, lettuce & tomato
Roast Beef: with swiss, lettuce & tomato
Sicilian: salami, capicola, ham, provolone, roasted red peppers
Tuna: light mayo, fresh parsley, roasted red peppers, red onion
Chicken Cutlet: provolone, lettuce & tomato
Chicken Waldorf: halved grapes, green apples, honey, raisins, walnuts, light mayo
Cavatelli with Meatballs
Chicken Parmesan: with penne pasta
Egg Salad: relish, spicy mustard
Lasagna: meat and cheese baked to perfection
Custom Wraps: your choice of previous sub selections


Choose a Side:

Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad
Cole Slaw
Pasta Salad
Fruit Piece
Bag of Chips
Fruit Cup


Choose a Drink:

Bottled Water
Can of Soda
Iced Tea
Fruit Juice


Choose a Dessert:

Coconut Bar
Large Cookie (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Sugar)
Pudding or Jello


Catering Specialties

Perfect for the office, home or park, these menus accommodate five or five thousand . Serve your guests family style. Minimum 5 people per menu. There is no group too large!


Pasta and Meatballs: choose a meat sauce or marinara, wedding soup or tossed salad, rolls or garlic bread
(6.95 EA)

Chicken with Pasta: choose one of our chicken dishes with pasta, wedding soup or tossed salad, rolls or garlic bread
(7.95 EA)

Sausage with Pasta: Italian sausage served hot or mild, atop a bed of roasted peppers and onions, served with pasta, wedding soup or tossed salad, rolls or garlic bread
(7.95 EA)

Eggplant with Pasta: choose either eggplant parmesan or thinly sliced, generously stuffed, eggplant rollettes with cheese. Served with pasta marinara and tossed salad
(7.95 EA)

Lasagna: the classic. Choose meat or vegetarian. Served with wedding soup or tossed salad, rolls or garlic bread
(8.95 EA)

Create Your Own Meal: browse the menu and become the chef. Choose any combination of dishes. Choose at least one meat, carb, and vegetable for a round meal
(Call for Quote)


Meats A La Carte

Romano: lightly breaded and baked chicken cutlet topped with romano cheese (3.50)
Italian Beef: slow roasted top round sliced thin, hot peppers and au jus on the side (3.50)
Marsala: chicken cutlet topped with wine sauce with mushrooms (3.95)
Parmesan: chicken cutlet topped with sauce and cheese (3.95)
Lemon: chicken cutlet with lemon butter sauce (3.95)
Picatta: chicken cutlet with lemon caper sauce (3.95)
Bruschetta: grilled chicken breast with olive tapenade (4.25)
Meatballs: hand-rolled daily, Grandma’s recipe (7.99)
Sausage: SPO – Italian sausage with roasted peppers and onion (8.49)
Fish (MKT)
Bone-In Chicken: bone-in chicken, oven roasted, Italian seasoned (MKT)
Stuffed Chicken: stuffed chicken with broccoli and swiss (4.29)


Pasta by the Pan Half | Full

Penne: angle cut macaroni available with meat flavored or marinara sauce
(17.95 | 32.95)
Marinara: vegetarian sauce over penne pasta
(17.95 | 32.95)
Baked Ziti: baked and melted with mozzarella, provolone, romano, and ricotta
(17.95 | 32.95)
Aglio Olio: EVOO sauce with herbs, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and romano cheese
(19.95 | 37.95)
Cavatelli: shell shaped fresh pasta – a party time favorite
(19.95 | 37.95)
Ravioli: choose meat, cheese, or a combination
(27.95 | 49.95)
Clam Sauce: herbed baby clams with EVOO sauce served over a bed of linguine
(27.95 | 49.95)
Lasagna: pasta, meat, and cheese layered and piled high. Vegetarian available
(37.95 | 69.95)


Sides by the Pan Half | Full

Green Beans Almondine (19.95 | 32.95)
Italian Veggies (19.95 | 32.95)
Broccoli Romano (19.95 | 32.95)
Rice Pilaf (19.95 | 32.95)
Wild Rice (19.95 | 32.95)
Scalloped Potatoes (19.95 | 32.95)
Potatoes au Gratin (19.95 | 32.95)
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (19.95 | 32.95)
Roasted Red Peppers (19.95 | 32.95)
Mac and Cheese (25.95 | 47.95)




Cookie Tray:
Grandma’s recipe. Homemade miniatures

2 Pound (Serves 10-14) 22.95
3 Pound (Serves 15-20) 31.95
4 Pound (Serves 21-29) 40.95
5 Pound (Serves 30-35) 49.95

Cassata Cake:
layered custard, strawberries & whipped cream

8′” Round (Serves 8-10) 21.95
1/4 Sheet (Serves 15-20) 24.95
1/2 Sheet (Serves 21-40) 49.95
1 Sheet (serves 40-75) 89.95

Shaved Chocolate Cakes: piled white shaved chocolate on Cassata Cake (call for price)

Pastry Trays:
Baker’s choice, assorted finger pastries, fruit, nut, cheese, and chocolate varieties

Without Cannoli | 3.00 EA
With Cannoli | 3.50 EA

Cannoli: simply the best! Our filling is unbeatable

Small | 15.00/Dozen
Large| 25.00/Dozen

iced red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla available upon request
(2.79 EA)

Black Forest
Sicilian Cassata

tasty toppings atop a traditional recipe


Tiramisu: savoiardi with mascarpone and espresso
Chocolate Chip Cookies: jumbo cookie with jumo chips
Mississippi Mud Brownies: layered brownie with chocolate chunks
Peanut Butter Brownies: with chocolate chips
Blondie Brownies: vanilla brownie with chocolate chips
Brownie Supreme
Eclair: puff pastry filled with custard topped with chocolate
Creme Puff: puff pastry piled with whipped cream topped with custard
Italian Cookies


Additional Services

Private Servers $80/4 Hours $25/Hour
Delivery ($50 Order Minimum)
China and Flatware Rentals
Tent and Equipment Rentals
Display and Set Up Available
Beverage Services Available
(Non Alcoholic and Alcoholic Options)

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