Italian Import Store

We pride ourselves on being your neighborhood specialty store. We offer a variety of gourmet products and ingredients to meet the needs of all our customers. We have a long history of providing high quality groceries to Cleveland and beyond.

Shop at the Jim Alesci's Place authentic Italian Import Store in Solon, Ohio.Our Italian Import Store located in Solon, Ohio is stocked with branded Alesci's Place specialty products that bountifully fill the store. Jarred pasta and pizza sauce, salad dressings, olive topenades, and eggplant cappunata, just to name a few, are house favorites.  These items provide authentic decor and lasting character on location. These favorites are staples in any family cupboard, especially after exposure to the café and restaurant menus.  Constantly reinventing and maintaining product line keeps our customers engaged and returning to our Italian Import Store on a regular basis. 

The speciality items that fill the shelves are certainly hand selected and vital to the business model.  Diverse crowds flock to the premises to obtain these niche items.  For generations, these specialties separate Alesci’s from the competition.  Customers have trusted that Alesci’s will maintain these supplements to heritage, aiding and prolonging family tradition. 

If you are intested in Jim Alesci's Place stocking a product in our Italian Import Store, please complete the form below to let us know what type of product you would like.

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