Alesci’s Bakery Spotlight

This year, Alesci’s took home a few wins at the 2018 Cleveland Magazine’s Best of the East competition.


Not only did we have fun at the event, catching up with other business owners and meeting many awesome East Siders, but we also won in not one but THREE categories!

Best Deli

Best Lunch Spot



Our store features many specialty sections. Like ingredients in a recipe, all of our store’s sections bring a little something special to our community and company as a whole. We were honored to be able to spotlight our store holistically at this event. Today though, we want to shine an extra special spotlight on our beloved bakery.

Throwback! (Frank, Aunt Donna, and Jim)

The Alesci’s bakery has grown so much over the years. Led by our talented and wonderful Aunt Donna, some customers are surprised when they venture over to our bakery and see that we offer so much more than cannoli!

What makes our bakery different from what you’d find at an average grocery store?

  • We use family recipes that have been passed down through generations.
  • We bake all of our bread fresh – daily.
  • We use only the best products and imports from Italy.
  • Everything – and we mean everything – is baked by hand and with love.

We work around the clock to deliver you the freshest bakery items every single day. From our famous bread to Italian staples like Cassata Cake, Cannoli and Tiramisu, our recipes that go back generations continue to fill bellies and warm hearts today.

Italy has a vast palate and our desserts incorporate these regional variations. From sweeter dessert breads of the north to the lighter meringues of the south; we incorporate all of Italy’s complexities that make it a sweet life, La Dolce Vita! 

In addition to whipping up traditional Italian desserts, our bakery team loves getting creative with all kinds of tasty treats! Throwing a party? Our bakery caters! We offer birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies delivered to your door.

Check out some of our bakery offerings: