Soda, Espresso, Tea and MORE! New Beverage Options at Alesci’s


This just in: Whether you’re here shopping for groceries or swinging by for lunch, we at Jim Alesci’s Place, happily announce that we’ve rolled out some brand new authentic Italian beverage options!

Learn more about our Soda Bar, Coffee Bar and Loose Leaf Tea Experience below!


Old Fashioned All-Natural Soda Bar

A modern twist on an old-fashioned favorite! Our all-natural Soda Bar boasts flavors such as:

  • black cherry
  • ginger beer
  • sparkling pink lemonade
  • blood orange
  • sparkling fruit punch
  • lemon lime
  • alkaline water
  • sparkling water


Can’t choose just one? Sampler trays of six different flavors are available for those who suffer from decision fatigue or simply want to share with friends. The custom, Italian-made soda machines add to the cool aesthetic of our ever-evolving space. Shipped to us just weeks ago, we put them together by hand. They are up and fully functional – just in time for summer. You’ll only find machines like these in Italian soda bars!


Lavazza Italian Coffee Bar


Our authentic Lavazza Italian Coffee Bar offers a comprehensive menu full of Italian-style coffee and espresso drinks. Treat yourself to a classic Americano, a Macchiato, Latté or Cappuccino. If you need to chill out during the summer months, try one of our refreshing Cold Brews. We’re excited to feature the super popular Nitro-Brew, a cold brew coffee that is infused with nitrogen, giving it an awesome texture and the pick-me-up we all need.



And Another New Special-TEA

If you’re not a coffee drinker, our robust menu of loose-leaf Storehouse Tea is perfect for you.  All loose-leaf tea is organic, fair-trade, and locally blended. We offer many varieties including white, green, botanical and roobios, and black tea. Zesty ginger lime, gingerly peach, amazon mint, and vanilla bean are just a sampling of the flavors we are proud to serve.


The experience of ordering tea at Alesci’s is just as special as the product itself. We’ll serve up your order on a tray with a kettle and leaves you can steep yourself. We even provide handy timers that allow you to choose the tea’s intensity.


So which drink are you most excited to try?