Lavazza Coffee: Only the best for our Customers

It’s no secret that Italians love their coffee. We know good coffee when we smell it and won’t allow the brands we don’t trust to touch our tongues.

At Jim Alesci’s Place we consider our customers an extension of our family, we only want to serve them the best coffee to jump start their day. Enter – Lavazza coffee.

Lavazza’s history goes way back. The founder, Luigi Lavazza, started experimenting with coffee blending in 1895. His goal was to perfect this little bean into a thing of perfection. Today, Lavazza has built an international business on authentic, high-quality, Italian coffee. Since this brand’s creations is considered one Italy’s favorite coffees, Jim Alesci’s Place is proud to be one of the few places in Northeast Ohio to carry Italy’s ambassador of coffees.


Our customers can come in for anything from a latte, to an espresso, to an iced coffee, and way more. We only carry brands we trust and Lavazza is one them.