The Perfect Italian Picnic

Making dinner plans, but can’t decide on a place to go? Why not have your own traditional Italian style picnic instead! A summer picnic is a perfect idea for a family meal, or a date with a loved one. There’s nothing like setting up a blanket, relaxing, eating amazing food, and enjoying the outdoors, and here in the Forest City, we have plenty of places to crack open a bottle of vino and enjoy being outside this summer. 

Bread and Cheese are Sure to Please

The food at a traditional Italian picnic consists of a large variety of finger foods, a cold dish, and fresh fruit. One easy finger food option that is sure to add to your traditional Italian experience is a cheese plate with your choice of crackers, a beautiful baguette, or our very own Alesci’s family break. Add brie, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, and pecorino cheese. Add olives, an assortment of cut vegetables, fresh fruit and prosciutto to finish off your scrumptious spread. 

Al Fresco Meal Options

Stuffed vegetables, tarts, quiche, rice, couscous, or some sandweeches are incredible additions to your al fresco experience. There are many variaties of these dishes that can be experimented with if you want to add your own flare to the traditional Italian recipe.

#ProTip: Make sure you have fresh fruit on hand to end your meal with a sweet dessert.

The choice of fruit is completely up to you, but some favorites picnic fruits are cherries, watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries.

Wine ’n Dine

Stay relaxed outside with the perfect vino – Wine Not?  Depending on which food you decide to bring to your picnic, there are certain wines that make a perfect pair. During the hot summer months, bringing along a cooler with bottles of chilled red and white wine is definitely a must. Most Italians tend to enjoy a nice Chianti Classico, Rosé, or almost any variation a semi-sparkling Prosecco with their al fresco meal. These wines also pair very well with the suggested food options and will be sure to amplify the flavor of your meal and excite your tastebuds.

With your blanket in the shade, picnic basket cracked, and wine glasses in hand, enjoy a beautiful outdoor meal with friends and family.