What’s Not to Love About Italian Beers?

We get it. When most people think about Italian spirits, they either hone in on wine or prosecco. While we know Italians do both of those things very well and have been for centuries, Italy is also in the running with Germany, Belgium, and England when it comes to beer.

At Jim Alesci’s, we offer customers a variety of Italian beers that pair well with any authentic Italian dish. Here are a few of our favorites:

Birra Moretti: Founded in the Friuli region, Birra Moretti has been brewing Italian beers for over a century. This brewery has perfected and offers two varieties – Original and La Rossa. Birra Moretti Original is a traditional, quality beer. With a production process that hasn’t changed since 1859, it’s hard to beat perfection. This beer has a perfectly balanced bitter taste and golden color. Pair this beer with simple meals like pasta dishes and other dishes that have white meats and cheeses. La Rossa is a double malt beer, produced using 100% high-quality barley malt. This beer has a full, caramelized malt flavor and an intense aroma of roasted malt. It pairs best with seafood, tomato-based sauces, and simple deserts.


Collesi Imper Ale Beers: Located in Apecchio, Collesi’s brewery utilizes its prime geographical location, where they can access the hard limestone water from Mount Nerone. Their barley is also grown in the Collesi family’s own fields. They offer an array of beers, with their Belgian-style Imper Ale proving to be a great option for pairing with any Italian dish.


Peroni: This is the most well-known Italian beer in the world. Since Peroni is the number one lager brand in Italy and has been for over one and a half centuries, many consider it to be the original Italian lager. This is a refreshing, smooth lager with a slightly bitter taste that pairs well with any easy, Italian dish.


While Germany, Ireland, and England may think they have a hold on the beer market, as you can see, Italians have been producing high-quality beers for more than a century. Our home country has the right climate to grow some of the finest barley and hops in the world and you can taste the difference in the brands offered at Jim Alesci’s. So, next time you stop in for pizza, make sure you pick up one of our refreshing Italians beers. After all: What could go better with Italian pizza than Italian beer? Cheers!